TJA Jedi Cloak Design

Want to save some money? Learn how to make your own from the same instruction I used.



Fabric: This cloak is intended to be made from light-weight wool in colors ranging from light tan to dark brown, and black. Custom colors and fabrics can be requested, but we will not do patterns; this will incur additional fee subject to our discretion, and such cloaks will not be eligible for returns or refunds.

Care and Cleaning: We do not pre-wash our fabric. Some of it may come pre-washed from the manufacturer/supplier. We do not recommend machine washing or machine drying any of our cloaks (they are made of wool). Dry clean at your own discretion. We recommend spot-washing only, no full soaking or water submersion, cold water only, and hang to air-dry.

Repair: We do offer free repair on our cloaks, with some limitations. See our item footnotes and our repair information page for complete details.


This is a custom-sized Jedi-style cloak, complete with hood. The basic package covers fully custom fit to your measurements, cloak, sleeves, and hood, starting at $200 (or fabric cost + 10%, whichever is greater).


Buttons and button loops for front-closure, $.25 each, no less than 7 recommended for full closure, no less than 4 recommend for top-half closure.1

Sub-button pockets, $1 each, sized to hold five credit cards or comparable-sized items, no more than 8 (four on each side) recommended.

High-sleeve sheath, $5 each, sized to hold a small knife, blade less than 3 inches, no more than 2 (one on each side) recommended.2

Sleeping-bag conversion kit, $10. Includes 8 button/loop pairs and one bottom hem drawstring.3 Additional buttons are available for cost listed above.

Food packet sheaths, $.50 each, sized to hold test-tubes suitable for spices, water purification tables, medication, and more. Even number recommended for mirrored weight. Maximum 10 recommended.4

Test tubes, $.50 each, designed to fit snugly into above food packet sheaths.5

Hanging hook loop, $1.6

Custom customizations: Ask for pricing.


Please submit a commission inquiry prior to order request. Orders are taken on a first-come, first-served basis. Non-customized cloaks take an average of 30-40 hours to make, start to finish, and customizations increase that time.

Only after confirming your inquiry will we prompt you for appropriate measurements. Full body photographs are optional but will aid us in insuring your cloak will fit.

Please double-check all your measurements before sending them. We may not confirm your measurements, and all cloaks are custom built to spec. Once the pieces are cut, extensions cannot be added; pieces can be trimmed down but not trimmed up.

  1. Unless otherwise specified in order, buttons will be spaced out evenly along cloak height. Recommended maximum spacing between buttons is seven inches.
  2. We are not responsible for concealed carry blade and knife laws in your area. Concealed carry items at your own risk.
  3. Damage caused by restless sleeping habits while using sleeping conversion kit not eligible for free repair. If you move in your sleep, using the sleeping-bag conversion kit is not recommended.
  4. Sheaths are designed to fit our specific test tubes. Custom-sized sheaths may incur extra fee.
  5. Limited availability. Purchasing this option may lengthen production time.
  6. Loop is only designed to hold the weight of the cloak with empty pockets. Using loop while optional pockets are filled may exceed its weight tolerance and tear. This tearing could damage the structural soundness of entire cloak and is not eligible for free repair.